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Lambert ランバート ~ French automata manufacturer from circa 1887 until 1922. Lambert’s automata used bisque heads produced by Jumeau for Lambert and later by Simon & Halbig.  For example, the “character jumeau” キャラクタージュモー head was created exclusively for Lambert and used later by Jumeau in a very small serie of “Character Jumeau”dolls.

Lanvin Jeanne ランヴァン ~ Famous French fashion designer who made doll clothes for the “Bleuettes” and Prevost (the successor to the Huret firm).

Lioret リオレ~ French inventor of a phonograph for use in dolls. His system was used in the Bebe Jumeau Lioretgraphe リオレグラフ.

Margaine-Lacroix マルゲン・ラクロワ ~ Parisian couturier who create the costumes for the doll designed by the french sculptor Albert Marque アルバート・マルク during the First World War era. This doll was sold exclusively through her shop located in the Boulevard Haussmann ブルバード・オスマン.

Most モスト ~ French doll maker