Report: Gaultier Doll Maker

Francois Gaultier, manufacturer of porcelain doll heads from 1860, was the principal supplier to most doll assemblers including Pierre-Francois Jumeau and Blampoix.

In 1878 Francois Gaultier had circa 52 customers including Barrois, Doleac, Gesland, Julien, Petit et Dumontier, Rabery and Delphieu, Vichy and Thuillier… They produced a large variety of heads made in Pressed bisque and generally marked with block letter F.G. : poupee heads, bebe heads, swivelling head-on shoulder, heads with enamel fixed eyes, heads with fixed painted eyes….
In 1888, the 2 sons of Francois Gaultier created a company called “Gaultier Freres” and Francois Gaultier sold his stake in the company to his son Emile Jules. From this date the signature for dolls and Bebes was changed to a CARTOUCHE and the heads were made in poured bisque.This detail is very important for dating the period of the fabrication. At that time, Falck et Roussel dolls Company was the largest client of Gaultier maker.
In 1889, Gaultier Freres was awarded a silver medal at l’Exposition Universelle in Paris.

In 1899 Gaultier became shareholder in S.F.B.J.