Thuillier Doll Maker - AT

Andre Jean THUILLIER.....started to produce his own dolls (labelled A.T.) circa 1875 and started production of specific Bebes in 1879. A.T. dolls are made of the finest bisque. The company closed in 1897 and the dolls are very rare... ABOUT...Andre Florient THUILLIER was born on 25 March 1832 in Vignacourt, in northern France. He worked at first as an employee of the famous porcelain manufacturer LETU (a regular supplier to the HURET doll firm) and became familiar with porcelain bisque business…
In 1872, while still employee with LETU, Thuillier bought the HUGON doll manufacturing company.In 1879 he began the production of BEBE similar to the BRU BEBE with BRU kidskin body and bisque head labelled with Thuillier's name.
Then in 1881 Thuillier chose a sculptor to design a specific model for the head;  He asked to Francois GAULTIER to manufacture the bisque head and ordered the Kidskin body from JUMEAU company. Later, Thuillier produced a very exclusive jointed composition body for his bebe production.
The production of Bebe Thuillier was very small and the number of sizes very limited. He also worked on special order for very special customer.