Rabery & Delphieu Dolls

全関節ウッドボディのプペ(ファッションドール)、アンブレイカブル・べべ(トレードマークは”Bebe de Paris")そしてレザーボディのプペのメーカーとして主にパリで活躍する。


Rabery & Delphieu, doll maker from 1874 until 1899, located inParis,...

Manufacturer of all type of articulated (wooden-bodied) poupees, unbreakable bebes (traded under the mark "Bebe de Paris") and fine kid-bodied poupees.
The firm was awarded at l'Exposition Universelle in 1878 for their dressed and undressed poupees....and won a Silver Medal at the Amsterdam Exposition in 1883. In 1888, the firm was awarded Gold Medal at l'Exposition de Bruxelles.
In 1899, Rabery & Delphieu was sold to S.F.B.J. (...)
Rabery & Delphieu purchased doll heads from the Francois Gaultier's porcelainerie. The earliest models were made of pressed bisque...and engraved R.D.